Treasures Of The Aegean Is Now Accessible For Xbox One And Xbox Collection X|S

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What occurred to the Minoan civilization? Be a part of parkour grasp Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew in a historic motion thriller, as they unveil the secrets and techniques of a forgotten kingdom which has been tragically trapped in and countless time loop. Discover a fantastically hand-drawn non-lineal open world, get well priceless relics, chart a misplaced island, and collect new clues in each loop to finish an historic prophecy. Remedy the riddles and mysteries that angered the outdated Gods, in your quest to forestall historical past from repeating itself eternally.

Secrets and techniques of the Minoan Cataclysm. In 1639 BC a strong explosion devastated the Minoan civilization and sunk the birthplace of their empire: the volcanic island of Thera. Historical past appears to repeat itself, because the island has resurfaced, and a brand new cataclysm is sure to occur. Why have been the Minoan so superior to their time? Did King Minos foresee their demise? Can a brand new eruption of Thera be stopped? There’s just one technique to discover out!

A sunken island trapped in time. Hidden within the depths for a number of millennia, the island of Thera is filled with historic treasures to gather and mysteries to decipher. Uncover a misplaced Minoan citadel, open your manner by way of an ottoman sunken fleet and unlock the doorways to underground palace, as you uncover the small print in regards to the people who lived there and their tragic destiny. Exploit a glitch in time to safe data on a persistent map and clear up key puzzles earlier than the world blows up and the loop restarts!

Timing, precision and puzzle-solving. Buckle up for an action-packed journey, as you parkour your manner by way of a tough terrain filled with challenges: surf steep slopes, climb excessive partitions, vault over obstacles, swing on vines and leap over deep pits to discover a hand drawn open world. Each nook of the island hides an artifact, a clue or a chunk of the puzzle that must be solved to avoid wasting the world from catastrophe.

You aren’t alone on the island… Marie Taylor is the hero of the story, an excellent treasure hunter who works along with her affiliate, historian James Andrew, in search of out historic relics. However this time they will discover out they don’t seem to be the one ones conscious of the Minoan scoop, as longtime rivals seem on scene to carry again ghosts from the previous and complicate issues additional.

• Time loop journey
• Atmospheric soundtrack
• A whole lot of treasures to find
• European comedian guide artwork type
• Puzzle fixing
• Parkour gameplay
• Historic thriller narrative

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