Tetragon Demo Is Now Accessible For Xbox One And Xbox Sequence X|S

Welcome to Tetragon – an unlimited mysterious universe of distinctive sport mechanics, puzzles, magical mazes, and challenges! It’s an actual problem for many who benefit from the video games within the vein of The Room, The Witness and The Talos Precept.

Your purpose is to maneuver planes with a spinning world gravity . Utilizing the facility of TetraGen transfer the bottom and the towers to information the courageous lumberjack Lucios by means of the scattered worlds and discover his misplaced son!

About Tetragon:
Someplace within the parallel universe there’s a world manufactured from the airplane realities. These planes float across the sacred jewel – TetraGen. Because the daybreak of time it had been a affluent world with no place for something evil in it… till out of nowhere a mysterious darkish power began to develop in Tetragon. After some time it had spawned probably the most weird creature desiring to destroy the TetraGen and plunge the world of Tetragon into the chaos! Finally, this creature had reached its purpose and the TetraGen jewel was damaged into the items. Solely by utilizing all of its powers the Will of Tetragon managed to imprison the darkish creature but it surely was too late. Now somebody courageous has to repair this damaged world by retrieving the items of TetraGen…

It’s as much as you now to unravel the puzzles and little by little attain the final word purpose of your journey.

With the facility of TetraGen you’ll be able to change place of the planes and towers create the platforms and stairs and even spin the world on its axis!

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