Sheepo Is Now Obtainable For Xbox One And Xbox Collection X|S

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Sheepo is a unusual metroidvania platformer that includes a shape-shifting sheep-thing, who should traverse an uncharted planet with the intention to gather samples of every dwelling species for an intergalactic species database.

To seize a creature, Sheepo should discover their unhatched egg, which occur to be extremely guarded by that species “queen” (aka, a boss.) With every egg Sheepo collects, you then achieve the power to rework into that creature on contact, and discover the deeper reaches of the planets sprawling atmosphere

Sheepo is a metroidvania, however comprises no commonplace fight. As a substitute, gameplay is predicated on platforming and exploration. With the gathering of every creature, Sheepo is ready to dig, fly, and teleport throughout an interconnected collection of landscapes, uncovering hidden shrines, outdated ruins, and unusual characters.

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