Killing Ground 2 – Final Version Is Now Accessible For Xbox One And Xbox Collection X|S

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For brand new gamers searching for probably the most complete Killing Ground 2 expertise in existence, look no additional than the Final Version. Killing Ground 2 options an onslaught of smash-hit DLC at one low, low value, this bundle consists of:

Killing Ground 2 – Final Version Consists of:

Killing Ground 2 Base Recreation
Armory Season Cross 1
Armory Season Cross 2
Standalone Add-On’s

Included in Armory Season Cross 1:
-Gravity Imploder Weapon Bundle
-Ion Thruster Weapon Bundle
-Rhino Revolver Weapon Bundle
-Mosin Nagant Weapon Bundle
-Riot Defend & Glock 18 Weapon Bundle
-Compound Bow Weapon Bundle
-Blunderbuss Weapon Bundle
-Single & Twin Glock 18c Weapon Bundle
-Minigun Weapon Bundle
-Mine Reconstructor Weapon Bundle
-Frost Fang Weapon Bundle
-FAMAS Masterkey Weapon Bundle
-Thermite Bore Rifle Weapon Bundle
-Corrupter Carbine Weapon Bundle
-Piranha Pistols Weapon Bundle
-Doshinegun Weapon Bundle

Included in Armory Cross 2:
– Sentinel Weapon Bundle(Summer season 2022)
– Reducto-Ray Weapon Bundle (Summer season 2022)
– Weapon #3 TBA (Halloween 2022)
– Weapon #4 TBA (Halloween 2022)
– Weapon #5 TBA (December 2022)
– Weapon #6 TBA (December 2022)

…and following standalone Add-ons:
– Mrs. Foster Playable Character
– Cyberpunk Outfit Bundle
– Headshot FX Pack 1
– Headshot FX Pack 2
– Wasteland Bundle
– Foster Basic Bundle
– Briar’s Bobby Bundle
– Tanaka’s Biker Bundle
– Horzine Mark 7 Bundle
– Hazmat Swimsuit Bundle
– DAR Assault Armor Bundle
– Commando Rooster Bundle
– Pajama Bundle
– Clot Backpack Bundle
– Dragon & Koi Full Weapon Pores and skin Set
– Badass Santa Bundle
– Cardboard Knight Bundle
– Witch Hunter Outfit Bundle
– Santa’s Helper Outfit Bundle
– Foster’s Favorites Weapon Pores and skin Pack
– Area Pirate Outfit Bundle
– Area Pirate Full Gear Bundle
– Reaper Outfit Bundle
– Halloween 2020 Full Gear Bundle
– Christmas 2020 Full Gear Bundle
– Winter 2020 Gear Beauty Bundle

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